Beautiful side of tourism


How did it all begin?
Tourism is a story in and of itself. The sun, the sea, and the mountains permeate here and weave a wonderful narrative, abundant with experiences and feelings. When did the first tourists arrive? Who was most impressed by the beauty of this area? Whose experience was enriched by the taste of traditional local cuisine? The story that will brighten up your vacation. The story that will awaken your love for Makarska.

Your programme

+ St.Peter’s peninsula
+ Tonoli Palace
+ Venetian flagpole (18th century)
+ Visitors Centre
+ Monument to the Swimmer ‘Bonaca’
+ Observatory
+ Monument to the Tourist
+ St. Philip’s church
+ Riva-seafront promenade
+ Kačić square
+ Monument of a Friar
+ St.Mark’s church + treasury
+ Kalalarga street
+ Park of friar Jure Radić
+ Franciscan monastery
+ Sport Centre

+ comfortable shoes
+ water
+ camera / mobile phone

About 1-2 hours
Interpretive costumed walk

+ extra option – paid entrance:
Municipal Museum
Malacological Museum
Presentation Centre ‘Adrion’
+ Hotel pick-up service
Be prepared for surprises


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